The unconscious bias within local reporting of a Deaf person’s police encounters constantly ignores the historical focus of Black bodies on the ground of the civil right violations. Encyclopedia Britannica stated the definition of civil rights, “guarantees of equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics.” The local reporters take no consideration of how race is being intertwined with deafness disability. The local reporters consistently treated blackness and deafness as mutually exclusive. Once the local reporters became aware that Black people are Deaf and they discussed Deaf person’s disability rights violations…

Adeerya Johnson, a Black Ph.D. student who is also a Spelman College alumni. Johnson’s twitter handle is @nubianlocz and she proudly tweeted TMZ’s article of Billy Sanders. She corrected the role of Black Twitter’s coverage of Billy Sanders that played a pivotal role in launching Billy Sander’s ASL interpreting career. The problem with Black Twitter’s highly sexualized coverage of Billy Sanders did not lead to a heightened Deaf awareness in Black communities.

Due to the popularity of my published article, The Power of the White Gaze: Erasure of Black Signers. So many Deaf people have making a request for my article to be translated into ASL for accessibility. I’ve asked three amazing Black signers to do their rendition for my lengthly article. Here’s the link to the ASL version of my article below.

About five years ago, I took an evening course called “Diversity in the Deaf Community” at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. J Matt Searls, Associate Professor for Cultural and Creative Studies, proudly reminded the students that…

Today is a year after the murder of George Floyd. I published my first article, “Dear White Deaf People”and White Deaf Privilege List on my WordPress blog. I republished it as a precursor article to my “The Power of White Gaze” article on medium. The primary purpose of my first article is to recognize the lasting impact of the social construction of whiteness in Deaf communities due to the Supreme Court’s judicial racist decisions to further race conversation in Deaf communities.

White Deaf people always discuss the lasting effects of the Milan conference of 1880 is to ban sign language…

Here’s the question, Is white Deaf privilege Real?

These Audism and d/Deaf definitions that will be used frequently in my article. *It is important to note that lowercase deaf and hard of hearing definition are strikingly similar. Hard of hearing people are actually deaf people regardless of their mode of communication in my perspective.*

The term audism was first coined by Tom Humphries in his 1977 doctoral dissertation titled “Communicating Across Cultures (Deaf-Hearing) and Language Learning.” In it, Humphries defines it as, “The notion that one is superior based on one’s ability to hear or to behave in the manner of one who hears.”

Excerpt from “The Difference…

David Player

Sharing my Black Deaf perspective on racism and audism issues. RIT Alumni ’19 | University of New Mexico Graduate Student

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